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Raise your TAP Corporate tier and earn even more on your company trips

The TAP Corporate program gives your company the opportunity to accumulate more benefits. Now the program has two tiers, which allow your company to accumulate more Balance as you travel with us.

The more you fly, the more benefits you get!

Our newly available tiers now allow you to classify your company based on flights over the last 12 months (Fare and Carrier Surcharge (YQ)), thereby giving you the corresponding tiers.



Your Tiers

Your TAP Corporate tier "TAP Corporate Plus" expires 12 months after joining the program.

If, after these 12 months, €65,000 in trips has not been reached, your tier will return to that of "TAP Corporate" upon renewal.

Find out how much you accumulate on your trips depending on your tier and which TAP Product you have purchased:

Company CIP

TAP Products Cumulative Percentage
TAP Corporate Plus
 Cumulative Percentage
TAP Corporate 
tap|discount  0%  0%
tap|basic  3%  2%
 tap|classic  4%  3%
 tap|plus  5%  4%
 tap|executive  4%  3%
 tap|top executive  5%  4%
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