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Use balance

  • How can I use the TAP Corporate balance?

    • The TAP Corporate balance can be used for travel, TAP services and products. You can discount it directly in your personal area — My Corporate, through the available booking engine or through the program’s service line.
  • How can I check my TAP Corporate balance?

    • You can check your TAP Corporate balance in the My Corporate menu and then on the Balances & Movements option. Here you can see not only the list of the accumulated balance but also all the movements made in your account.
  • How do I buy a ticket with my TAP Corporate balance?

    • Through the TAP Corporate program, after accessing your company account, you can use the Booking Engine available for purchasing TAP tickets. The payment can be made with Credit Card or ATM and, for this reason, you can make a regular purchase and simply indicate your company’s identification code (CI).
  • What is the minimum balance required to get discounts?

    • You can use your TAP Corporate balance as soon as you reach the minimum balance of 10 EUR / 40 BRL / 10 USD / 300 CZK / 3000 HUF / 10 CHF / 50 PLN / 700 RUB / 50 GBP / 100 NOK / 100 SEK / 80 DKK.
  • What’s the maximum value I can discount on?

    • The accumulated balance can be used to pay up to 100% of the trip as soon as it reaches a minimum of 10 EUR, in flights operated by TAP Air Portugal, TAP Express and codeshare flights, provided that one of the flights in the itinerary is operated by TAP Air Portugal or TAP Express. You can also use the accumulated balance in the acquisition of other TAP products, available in the moment of ticket purchase ("extra luggage," "Fast track," "Access to the lounge," "seat reservation," "TAP Gift Card"). The available balance can be used as a payment method in any service of TAP Air Portugal and TAP Express.
  • Is there any limitation in using my balance (seats, schedule, equipment)?

    • The use of the balance is only available for TAP or TAP Express aircrafts, there is no limitation on the selection of seats and schedule.