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Terms, Policies and Conditions of General Use

1. Terms, policies and conditions of general use of the digital presence of TAP Air Portugal

These are the Terms, Policies and Conditions of General Use of Transportes Aéreos Portugueses, S.A. (hereinafter "TAP Air Portugal" or "TAP"), for the use of its websites, applications, games, competitions and other products, services and digital features available to our Customers or Users.

By entering and browsing on our websites or applications and using our services, you agree and accept these terms, policies and general conditions of use as well as our Privacy, Security and Data Protection Policy and all the specific terms and conditions of each service or subscribed features. If you do not agree to such we request that you immediately discontinue their use.

TAP Air Portugal can modify, add or remove portions of these Terms, Policies and Conditions of General Use and all the terms, policies or conditions stated on its websites and applications at any time without prior notice, and such changes take effect immediately after their publication. The Customer or User is solely responsible for remaining informed and for regularly consulting these Terms, Policies and Conditions of General Use and other terms, policies and conditions. By continuing to use the websites and applications of TAP Air Portugal, you agree to any changes made to them.

Any use of websites and/or applications that infringes the provisions of these Terms, Policies and Conditions of General Use may result in, among others, the termination or suspension of your entitlement to use the websites and/or applications, as well as the removal of your access to reserved areas. TAP Air Portugal reserves the right to delete your registration and your Customer Account.

All rights relating to the websites and applications of TAP Air Portugal and its digital presence are reserved.

© All rights reserved.

2. About us

TAP Air Portugal is the core company of the TAP Group, a group of companies operating in the field of air transport of passengers and cargo, aircraft maintenance and other related and/or subsidiary activities represented by its respective companies. The holding company is Transportes Aéreos Portugueses, SGPS, S.A..

TAP Air Portugal is the national leader in all business areas where it operates. It is internationally recognised as a Leading European Airline for Africa and South America. Its in-flight magazine, UP, won the trophy for Leading In-flight Magazine in Europe, at the World Travel Awards (WTA) for two consecutive years, in 2015 and 2016.

3. Copyright

The content and structure of the TAP Air Portugal websites and its digital presence on the Internet are protected by copyright. The prior written permission of TAP Air Portugal is required for any reproduction of the information, software or published data, particularly the use of content in the form of texts, parts of texts, data, images, videos or other information in any format. Moreover, TAP Air Portugal reserves the right to update and make changes to the published information at any time without prior notice.

Consult these Terms, Policies and Conditions of General Use and visit the website and application pages regularly so as to stay up-to-date on any and all content.

4. Contents

TAP Air Portugal deems content to be all and any information in any format on its websites and/or applications and in its digital presence on any channel, which is published by TAP Air Portugal or by its Customers or users.

TAP Air Portugal performs frequent updates, verifications and changes to the contents of the pages of its websites and/or applications. It is possible that some of this information may not be updated, despite the speed and diligence of its teams. TAP Air Portugal does not guarantee or take responsibility for the fact that the published data are correct, complete or up-to-date at all times and in all their facets. Therefore, no liability for any inconvenience or damage resulting therefrom may be attributed to TAP Air Portugal.

The use of any of the content existing on websites or applications, in whole or in part, is not permitted without the prior written consent of TAP Air Portugal.

If you continue browsing outside of our website or applications via links that lead to third-party websites, TAP Air Portugal states herein that it cannot be held responsible for the contents of these pages and TAP Air Portugal cannot, therefore, be held liable for any resulting damage.

5. Image and Video

The images or videos used on the websites or applications are protected by copyright and cannot be reused, copied or reproduced in any form or by any means. Most of the images used are from image banks so their use is prevented by the copyright associated with them.

The images or videos with intellectual property and copyrights belonging to TAP Air Portugal cannot be used in whole or in part without the prior written consent of TAP Air Portugal.

6. Trademarks and Logos

The TAP Air Portugal trademarks and logos or any name, product or service slogan used on its websites or applications are owned by TAP Air Portugal and may not be copied, imitated or used, in whole or in part, without prior written permission from TAP Air Portugal. The same applies to trademarks, logos, names, products or services, slogans of the other companies of the TAP Group, of our partners, licensors or suppliers, who are the owners of those respective trademarks or logos.

The use of metatags or any other "hidden text" using TAP Air Portugal or any other name, trademark or product or service name of TAP Air Portugal is not permitted without its prior written consent.

The design, programming and architecture of the websites or applications of TAP Air Portugal may not be copied, imitated or used, in whole or in part, without its prior written consent.

7. Content provided by the Customer or user

The TAP Air Portugal websites and applications may include discussion forums, areas for comments, messages or other features that may allow the Customer or user to publish their own content ("User Content") in the form of text, comment, data, information, text, music, sound, photographs, graphics, code or other material in other formats.

The Customer or user is, for all purposes, solely responsible for the use of these areas and do so at their own risk. They assume that the User Content they post or make available is their property and they are the only holder of the rights to such, guaranteeing that they have the legal right to transmit, distribute and reproduce such content.

The Customer or user further undertakes not to make available any User Content that may in some manner be illegal or unlawful, harmful or which causes damage of any kind, or encourages behaviour or action that might cause such to occur.

TAP Air Portugal is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by any User Content posted or stored, nor for any declarations or User Content provided by users.

TAP Air Portugal reserves the right, despite not having any obligation to do so, and at its sole discretion, to monitor, moderate, view, edit, remove or not publish any User Content provided, posted or stored on its websites or applications, without any prior notification.

Users acknowledge and agree that by posting User Content on our websites or applications they are granting TAP Air Portugal non-exclusive, free of any encumbrance, or the perpetual, irrevocable, fully sub-licensable right to use, reproduce, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute and display such User Content throughout the world and on any media. The Customer or user grants TAP Air Portugal the right to use the name submitted with the contents.

8. Social Networks

TAP Air Portugal is present on various social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. It has created its profiles on social networks to be closer to its Customers and users, to listen to them and to let them know more about our activity. It is our main goal to foster transparent and constructive dialogue with and between all our participants. TAP Air Portugal manages its official presence on social networks. It is updated in accordance with the criteria defined by the company. TAP Air Portugal is governed by the terms and conditions of use of the social networks on which it operates.

TAP Air Portugal is the leader in the service to Customers, providing through its profile on social networks, in particular through Facebook, all the help, information, promotions, competitions and other features to its fans and seeking to answer their needs and questions. It expects from users, when requested, the correct data and accurate information that allows the assistance it provides to be effective. The user must not, under any circumstances, provide false, incorrect, fraudulent or speculative information, and TAP Air Portugal reserves the right to delete such messages as well as the profile of the user from its account on social networks.

The content entered by users on the TAP Air Portugal social networks is the opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of TAP Air Portugal. TAP Air Portugal is not, therefore, liable for the opinions expressed by users on its social network profiles and it does not guarantee the veracity or accuracy of the information contained therein, thus declining any responsibility in their publication. TAP Air Portugal reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove or not publish any kind of content which is manifestly racist, sexist, abusive, that incites violence or obscenity, containing falsehoods, which is defamatory, or relates to illegal activities. The content published by profiles that appear to be false will be removed. Content of a promotional, commercial or advertising nature is also not permitted.

We advise our Customers or users that they should not, for safety and protection reasons, provide personal data on the social networks walls as these are public areas.

TAP Air Portugal reserves the right to withdraw, cancel and terminate, without prior notice, any of its accounts or profiles or part thereof on any of the social networks where it is represented.

9. Terms and conditions of subscription to Newsletters

By subscribing to a newsletter on our websites or applications you allow TAP Air Portugal to send to the email address you gave customised offers, advertising campaigns, promotions, campaigns or information regarding TAP Air Portugal or its partners, according to the subscribed newsletter.

We use the data you provide us and which are collected from the form signing up for the newsletter, to send you news on matters related to the activities of TAP Air Portugal, the other companies of the TAP Group or its partners or associates.

We advise you that by subscribing to one of our newsletters you will simultaneously be signing up to the TAP Customer Account where you can manage the data you have provided us, besides having a wide range of other features at your disposal. Your subscription implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Subscription as well as the Terms, Policies and Conditions of General Use, in addition to the Terms and Conditions of the TAP Customer Account, and our Privacy, Security and Data Protection Policy.

Check all the features we place at your disposal in your Customer Area and which will allow you to use your TAP Account to the full.

If you are directed to our web pages via a link from the newsletter, you also authorise us to process and use your IP address, location data, web beacons and similar technologies. We use the collection of this information to verify if the offers that have been presented match your preferences, and we also use that data to improve your browsing experience.

We will process and use the data provided while you keep your subscription to the newsletter valid. Your data will always be treated in accordance with our Privacy, Security and Data Protection Policy and the Terms, Policies and Conditions of General Use of our websites and applications.

The Customer or user undertakes, relative to any data provided through the use of our websites or applications, to provide accurate, reliable and true information that is current and complete, as well as to keep the data updated whenever requested or whenever changes arise through the management of your Customer Account.

You can cancel your subscription, the processing and use of your email address and other data provided under the scope of the newsletter, at any time. This is done by logging in to your Customer Account using your username and password obtained after subscription and there you may cancel the newsletter(s) in the communication management area of your account. Then we will no longer send you the cancelled newsletter. You can also cancel your TAP Customer Account at any time, through the same process.

10. Terms and conditions of subscription to SMS

Subscription to notifications by SMS

By subscribing to notifications by SMS you allow TAP Air Portugal to send the indicated mobile telephone number customised offers, advertising campaigns, promotions, campaigns or information regarding TAP Air Portugal, according to the subscribed newsletter or service.

We use the mobile telephone number you provide to us, and which is collected on the form to sign up for a TAP Customer Account or when you fill in this optional field in your account to send you an SMS informing you and notifying you of matters related to the activities of TAP Air Portugal. The mobile telephone number you gave is used to send you customised offers related to the campaigns and promotions that TAP Air Portugal has available for you. You have access to your TAP Customer Account where you may manage the data you have given us. There you can also view the Terms and Conditions of Use of the TAP Customer Account for more information, if you want to have other features at your disposal.

If you are directed to our web pages via a link sent by SMS, you also authorise us to process and use your IP address, your device model detection, browser version, location data, web beacons and similar technologies. We use the collection of this information to verify if the offers that have been presented match your preferences, and we also use that data to improve your browsing experience.

We will process and use the data provided while you keep your subscription for notification by SMS valid. Your data will always be treated in accordance with our Privacy, Security and Data Protection Policy and the Terms, Policies and Conditions of General Use of our website. You can cancel your subscription for notifications, the processing and use of your mobile telephone number and other data provided under the scope of notifications by SMS, at any time. This is done by logging in to your account using your username and password obtained after subscription to the TAP Account and then cancelling the subscription in the communication management area of your account. We will then cease to send you notifications by SMS, as you have cancelled this service.

Costs associated with TAP Air Portugal SMS services

Generally there are no costs associated with the receiving SMS from TAP Air Portugal. However, you must remember that your operator may levy charges, for which you will be responsible, especially when you are in other countries, for example through the roaming service.

SMS subscription requirements

The notification by SMS services are exclusively for TAP Account subscribers who have provided their mobile telephone number. It is possible to subscribe to other services through the websites or applications.

Information on flights, delays, changes or cancellations or other information related to your flight, will be sent to the mobile telephone number provided when booking. The notification by SMS services are available in Portuguese and English and will be sent according to the language selected in your account or according to the data entered in your booking. Confirm that the mobile telephone number entered in your account is the one where you want to receive notifications. Confirm that the mobile telephone number entered in the booking is the one where you want to receive booking information.

Further information

The use of mobile devices on board the TAP Air Portugal fleet is limited, by legal restrictions, from when the plane starts to taxi at the departure airport up to the moment of arrival at the parking slot at the destination airport. You may possibly use your devices in offline or flight mode, according to the instructions of the cabin crew. Ask for information from the cabin crew, if needed.

Legal information

All the information sent to you is carefully selected and compiled. However, it may arrive to you late, incomplete or it may not be sent. This may happen because of the communications via SMS. TAP Air Portugal assumes no responsibility for the availability of the service in sending information or notifications that may arrive late, incomplete or which were not sent. If you are unsure about the information of the services you have subscribed to, hired or reserved, please contact TAP Air Portugal to ensure that the information is up-to-date (e.g. flight time).

11. Terms and conditions of use of tracking technology (cookies)


The TAP Air Portugal websites and applications use cookies and other similar tracking technologies to distinguish you from other users during your use of the website or applications. These technologies help us provide you with a better experience whenever you browse the websites or applications, allowing the website or application to be improved and to provide the Customer with content, offers, campaigns, promotions or targeted and customised information.

Cookies - What are they?

Cookies are small data files that are stored on your computer or mobile device through the browser and which allow websites or applications to remember your choices, dates and previous navigation on the website, only retaining information related to your preferences.

Cookies - What are they used for?

Cookies are used to help determine the usefulness, interest and the number of times our websites or applications are used, allowing users faster and more efficient navigation, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information.

The cookie is accepted or rejected according to your browser settings. When you browse on the website or application and the cookie is accepted, the next time you visit the website or application our Web server will recognise your computer or mobile device. Accordingly, when the Customer visits the website again, the cookie that has already been accepted will recognise it and save you from having to enter data you had previously provided.

Cookies - What kind of cookies are there?

Permanent cookies - These cookies are stored on your access equipment (PC, mobile and tablet) even after closing the browser, and which are used whenever you visit one of our websites or applications again. They are used generally to direct navigation to the users interests, enabling us to provide a more customised service.

Session cookies - these are temporary cookies that remain in your browser's cookie file until you leave the website or application. The information collected by these cookies is used to analyse traffic patterns on the web, allowing us to identify problems and provide a better browsing experience.

Cookies - How do we use them?

Strictly necessary cookies - They allow you to browse our website and use its applications and features, as well as providing access to secure areas of the websites or applications. The services you want to use cannot be provided without these cookies.

Analytical cookies - They are used anonymously to create and analyse statistics related to the use of websites or applications, in order to improve how they work.

Functionality cookies - They store user preferences regarding the use of the website, so that it is not necessary to set them each time you visit.

Advertising cookies - They register information about your activity in terms of browsing and shopping, in order to present the most relevant offers, campaigns and promotions for you and which best reflect your interests. They steer the advertising according to the interests of each user. They also limit the number of times you see the advertisement, helping to measure the effectiveness of that piece of advertising.

Third-party cookies - They measure the success of applications and the effectiveness of third-party advertising. They may also be used as a way to customise a function with the users data.

Cookies - How to use them?

The website or application user can enable or disable the acceptance of cookies, by changing the settings on their computer or mobile device.

The user is entitled to set their browser to indicate when a cookie is received or even disable its acceptance. However, TAP Air Portugal advises you that this will prevent you from using some of our services in full and stop you having your navigation on our website enhanced and customised.

If the privacy setting of your browser is set to "High", you will not be able to access some of our services and may be unable to fully use all our website or application features.. To resolve this issue, add our Internet addresses to the list of permitted websites in the privacy settings of your browser, for example: www.flytap.com.

If you are accessing our websites through a corporate computer and cannot enter, the problem may be in your computer's corporate security settings. We recommend that you contact your system administrator.

Other tracking technologies - Web Beacons

TAP Air Portugal uses a software technology called web beacons (also known as web bugs, clear gifs or pixels) to assist in understanding which content is effective, for example by counting the users who have visited those pages. The web beacons consist of tiny graphics with a unique identifier, similar in function to cookies, and are used to find out whenever specific content is viewed. Unlike cookies, which are stored on the user's computer, the web beacons are invisibly embedded in the web pages. TAP Air Portugal can thus correlate the data collected by web beacons with other data that TAP Air Portugal may have collected.

12. Privacy, Security and Data Protection Policy

TAP Air Portugal is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and users of the various websites and applications available and those owned by the various Group companies. In this context, it has prepared this privacy, security and data protection policy, in order to affirm its commitment and respect for the privacy and personal data protection rules.

Thus, and when we refer to TAP Air Portugal in this Privacy Policy, we are referring to Transportes Aéreos Portugueses, S.A., as well as each of the Companies of the TAP Group and its subsidiaries.

Privacy and Security Policy - Why?

We want our Customers and users to know the general rules of privacy and processing of the data we collect and process is in strict respect for and compliance with Portuguese legislation, in particular the Personal Data Protection Law (Law No. 67/98 of 26 October 1998).

TAP Air Portugal seeks to follow the best practices in this field of personal data protection and security, promoting actions and improving systems to safeguard the protection of the data provided to us by our Customers and users.

The use and navigation on our websites, applications, digital products and services, filling in our forms and providing data directly or indirectly, implies that the user is aware of and accepts the terms of this privacy and security policy, of the Terms, Policies and Conditions of General Use and other terms, policies and specific conditions of the subscribed services. When subscribing to our services, read the respective terms and conditions carefully. By providing your personal data, you consent to its collection, processing, use and disclosure in accordance with these rules.

Privacy and Security Policy - What does it cover?

This policy applies solely to the collection, processing, use and disclosure of personal or navigation data by companies of the TAP Group under the scope of its digital presence, or through its Contact Center.

Privacy and Security Policy - Personal data, what is it?

Personal data refers to any information collected by us or supplied by the Customer or user regardless of how this process is carried out, including sound and image, relating to an individual person and through which they can be identified.

Personal data is considered to be any information relating to an individual who can be identified or is identifiable through it, whose identification can be found directly or indirectly, in particular by an identification number, name, date of birth, phone number, email, address and other data elements.

All personal information that TAP Air Portugal may collect during the visit by the Customer or user of the websites or applications, is done with the Customer or users prior consent through the acceptance of these terms and policies. All the collected data is processed in accordance with Portuguese law. The relevant data protection policies comply with the guidelines by which TAP Air Portugal is governed, ensuring the maximum commitment to respect the privacy of the Customer and user.

Privacy and Security Policy - What type of personal data is collected?

TAP Air Portugal, collects and processes the personal data necessary to provide services and/or subscription of features, products, services or communication, processing in this context data such as name, personal ID document or tax ID, email, address and telephone number.

TAP Air Portugal also collects traffic and location data with the Customer or user's prior consent, notwithstanding compliance with the law.

Privacy and Security Policy - Who is responsible for processing the data?

The entity responsible for collecting and processing personal data is TAP Air Portugal or any other TAP Group company providing the service and which, in the specific context decides, always in strict compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law, which data is to be collected, the processing means for that data and the format and purpose for which they are to be used.

TAP Air Portugal may only collect your data by telephone, in writing or through its websites and applications with your consent. As a rule, personal data is collected when the Customer subscribes to one of our products or services, or when making a booking, request contact via our websites, applications or our Contact Center.

Some personal data is mandatory and in the event of the absence or insufficiency of such data, TAP Air Portugal may not provide the product or service concerned. In these cases the Customer or user will be duly informed of the mandatory requirement for such data in order to continue the process.

The collected personal data is processed by computer and in strict compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law. The data is stored in a specific database created for this purpose.

Privacy and Security Policy - What is the personal data used for?

The personal data provided or collected is commonly used in the management of the contractual relationship; the provision of contracted, subscribed or booking services; for the study, improvement and adaptation of services to the Customer's needs and interests; for information and marketing initiatives, campaigns, promotions and advertising; for statistical studies; and for streamlining our Customers booking processes.

Customers may however provide their personal data for other purposes, such as for sending complaints and suggestions, spreading TAP Group institutional information, taking part in competitions, conducting market studies, evaluation surveys, etc..

Privacy Policy - How long is your personal data stored for?

The time for storing and keeping the data varies depending on why the information is used. There are however legal requirements which require the data to be held for a certain period of time. Whenever there is no specific legal requirement, the data is stored and kept for the period necessary for the purpose for which it was collected or supplied, or for the period of time authorised by the National Data Protection Commission.

Privacy and Security Policy - Conditions for accessing, updating or deleting your personal data

Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Law, the owner of the data is guaranteed the right of access to their data, as well as the right to update, correct or delete their personal data. This can be done at any time by accessing the personal area of your TAP Customer Account. It is also possible for the data owner to delete their account.

Privacy and Security Policy - Credit card data security

TAP Air Portugal is aware that sending personal information is a major concern for Customers using the Internet. We request your credit card data only if you wish to make a booking or payment of a TAP service or product.

Security provided by the application is SSL (secure socket layer) technology, which encodes communications between your computer and the server so that the data cannot be intercepted.

Privacy and Security Policy - Security measures adopted by TAP Air Portugal

Several security measures have been adopted. TAP Air Portugal is concerned with ensuring the protection and security of the personal data provided it, by implementing the best technical and procedural practices and ensuring that compliance with this is mandatory by all those who legally access the data.

TAP Air Portugal aims with these measures to ensure that the conditions are in place, within its scope, to protect the personal data in its care from any form of unlawful processing.

Accordingly, the forms for collecting personal data on all our websites and applications require browser encrypted sessions, and all the personal data provided us is stored securely in the TAP Air Portugal systems. Those systems implement the best technical and procedural security practices to protect your personal data.

Notwithstanding the security measures adopted by TAP Air Portugal, we advise all our Customers and users that when accessing the internet they must take additional security measures, including the use of an updated computer and browser in terms of security, and that they exercise caution when using shared computers. They must also not give their login data to other persons when logging in to their personal accounts.

Privacy and Security Policy - Under what circumstances is there communication of data to third parties?

TAP Air Portugal uses other entities to provide certain services. This service may eventually involve the access by these entities to its Customers and/or users personal data.

Therefore, any entity subcontracted by TAP Air Portugal will process our Customers and/or users personal data, on behalf of and for TAP Air Portugal, under the strict obligation to take the necessary measures to ensure the protection of personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorised access and to protect it from all other unlawful forms of processing.

TAP Air Portugal seeks to ensure that the contracting of these entities complies with the highest guarantees in terms of security and reputation.

Customers' or users' data may need to be kept and communicated for use by the competent authorities if TAP Air Portugal is notified by these entities to provide such data, in strict compliance with Portuguese legislation.

Privacy and Security Policy - Under what circumstances may your personal data be transferred?

The provision of certain services by TAP Air Portugal may involve the transfer of your data out of Portugal.

In such a case, TAP Air Portugal strictly complies with the legal provisions regarding personal data protection and the requirements applicable to such transfers, in particular by informing the Customer or user.

All airlines are legally obliged to send the US customs and immigration authorities all data relating to passengers and the flights they have taken to the USA. This data is only used for security-related purposes. Whenever you book a flight to a destination/country requiring the transfer of your data, TAP Air Portugal will inform you at the time of booking. You may find additional information on this page about the requirements for travel to the USA.

Privacy and Security Policy - How do we use the cookies?

See the Terms and Conditions of Use of Screening Technologies (cookies) for more information about cookies and how TAP Air Portugal uses them on its websites or applications.

Privacy and Security Policy - How can you find out about any changes?

TAP Air Portugal reserves the right to make changes or update its Privacy, security and data protection policy at any time. Such changes shall be duly updated on this page. We suggest you regularly check it to ensure you remain up-to-date on any changes.

Privacy and Security Policy -

13. Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Policy - Goals

One of our goals is to ensure that you can conveniently access all the information on our websites and applications. We are open to your suggestions or experiences, and if you are having trouble properly accessing our websites or applications, we are available to help. In this case, please contact our Contact Centre ([email protected]).

Accessibility Policy - Accessibility assistance contact details

Contact Center & Skype

(+351) 707 205 700
(+351) 21 843 11 00

Office hours:
24 hours a day, every day.


Service for the deaf:

For more information please view Service for the deaf

Accessibility Policy - Use Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF files)

Some documents on the website are stored as PDF files (Portable Document Format).

To view and print PDF files Adobe Acrobat Reader (or an equivalent PDF file reader) must be installed on your computer: It can be downloaded from the Adobe PDF Reader page.

Previous versions of Adobe Reader are also available.

Accessibility Policy - Information on accessibility conformity testing

It is very important for TAP Air Portugal that our websites and applications are accessible to all, regardless of any disability. We continuously work to achieve this goal using web design practices that are based on WeCo's Accessibility Standards, which include and expand elements of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 (AA level).