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As a city of 3 million people, Dakar is a great choice for those looking for nature, leisure, history and the typical african bustling streets. Book a flight to Dakar and...

Trust the local “teranga”

Meaning hospitality and warmth. People will recommend good beaches among so many (Bel-Air, N’Gor, Yoff) or the natural reserve and zoo of Park Hann. A 30-minute boat ride will take you to the Gorée island, whose beautiful streets evoke the past of slavery and today are UNESCO’s World Heritage.

And after quiet...

Comes storm. Bargain at the typical open-air markets, walk the narrow streets of the Medina and check out Village des Arts, a contemporary artistic complex with bars and restaurants near by. And when in Dakar, you can’t miss the African Renaissance Monument — it’s the continent’s tallest statue!

Culture and Business

On a business trip, knowing the culture and customs of the country you are visiting can have a big impact on the success of your business.

Before leaving

Make sure you have your passport and boarding pass with you. Depending on your country of origin, arrange your visa or other required documentation well in advance. Go to the traveler's office and take all the necessary vaccinations and prevention medications, if applicable.


The climate is tropical and hot year-round - there are well-defined dry and wet seasons due to the winter winds of the northeast and the southwest summer winds.

Time zone


Geography and Politics

Senegal is a country in West Africa, by the Atlantic Ocean. It is a democratic semi-presidential republic, where the president is the head of state and the prime minister is the head of government.

Tips and Payment

The local currency is the CFA Franc (XOF). It is not mandatory to tip, but if you are satisfied with the service you can leave a small amount.

Language and expressions to memorize

The official language is French. About three-quarters of the population speak Wolof, the lingua franca of the country. There are also six other widely spoken languages: Serer, Fula, Alpuular, Mandingo, Diola, and Bassari. In French, "Bonjour" = hi; "S'il vous plaît" = please; "Merci beaucoup" = thank you very much.

What to do

Be prepared to talk about your family and personal matters before you deal with business. It is important to establish a relationship of proximity and trust. Avoid confrontation and do not use an aggressive tone.

What not to do

Do not use your left hand to eat or offer a gift, as it is a sign of disrespect. Do not find it surprising if the Senegalese speak with many metaphors and analogies, they are typically indirect in their communication.

What to wear

Be conservative in your style. Suit and tie is the most appropriate option, and the formal equivalent for women.

First contact

The most common form of greeting is the handshake. It is considered normal among close friends to give a hug or three kisses on the face. Physical contact between people of the same sex is considered normal. If you are invited to someone's house, bring a small gift to show your appreciation, such as chocolates or pastry.