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tap|corporate Program

  • I want more information about the program. How do I contact TAP?

  • Is a card issued to companies that join tap|corporate?

    • There is no physical card issued to your company in the tap|corporate program. The company can reserve flights with published fares as usual, either through a travel agency or directly with TAP: online at, at TAP customer service counters, through the call center or online at Be sure to include the CI code so you can add the flight rebate to your account balance.
  • Can my travel agent sign my company up for tap|corporate?

    • Yes, but the agent's contact person in the company must be an employee responsible for the company’s travel.
  • What is the CI code for?

    • The CI code is the company identification code in the TAP database. If the CI Code is not provided when flights are purchased (via a travel agency or directly with TAP), the corresponding rebates cannot be credited to the account balance.
  • Do company employees still earn Victoria miles?

    • Yes. While employees earn their individual Victoria miles, the company account earns rebates at the same time.
  • What is tap|corporate?

    • Tap|corporate is a loyalty program aimed at small and medium companies that allows them to reduce travel costs. Every time an employee travels with TAP, a rebate on the flight is added to your balance. The accumulated balance is available to be used as a means of payment for future TAP flights or products. The program is free of charge and has no minimum volume requirement - you can start saving right away.
  • Can my company join tap|corporate?

    • Yes, tap|corporate is available in Portugal, Spain, France and the USA. It is available to all companies based in these countries, and no minimum volume of travel is required to join the program. The following types of companies are not allowed to join:
      • Travel agencies
      • Operators
      • Aggregators 
      • Freelance travel agents
  • I can’t register my company. What should I do?