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Terms & Conditions – TAP Corporate


1.1. TAP Corporate ("Program") is a loyalty program of TAP Air Portugal (“TAP”) for Companies ("Company" or “Customer"), which allows accrual in a Company account, when the employees of that Company travel with the TAP Group. The cash balance can be used for the purchase of tickets to travel on TAP or for other TAP products.

1.2. The Program is applicable to companies located in the United States of America. No minimum travel volume required for participation in the Program.

1.3. Travel agencies, tour operators, consolidators, freelance travel agents, or other sellers of travel may not join the Program as Customers.

1.4. TAP may, at any time, request that a Company registered in the Program submit an official corporate certificate.

1.5. TAP may, at any time, require the Company to provide proof of employment relationship with the employees it has designated as eligible for accrual under the Program.

1.6. TAP reserves the right to approve the Company's participation in the Program based on the information provided in the registration form when enrolling, as provided below.

1.7. TAP reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions defined herein, at any time, namely the product content, services provided, participating partners, rules and other information displayed on the website www.tapcorporate.com. Any changes in product and services associated with the Program will be timely communicated to the participating Company, through the available means.


2.1. To participate in the Program, the Company must register through the registration form available at www.tapcorporate.com

2.2. After registering online, the Company will automatically receive an email confirmation of the registration which will be sent to the Company’s designated Account Administrator (as defined below), as provided in the registration process. 

2.3 By registering for the Program the Company accepts   the Program Terms and Conditions, in effect on the date of registration.

2.4 TAP may terminate the existing agreement with immediate effect in any of the following situations

2.4.1 Fraud or misuse;
2.4.2 Misuse of the privileges of the Program;
2.4.3 Providing false information;
2.4.4 Program not utilized for a period of two (2) consecutive years.
2.4.5 Accrual and use of benefits by passengers who have no employment relationship with the participating Company.

2.5 If the agreement is terminated by TAP as a result of any of the situations in Section 2.4 above, the account balance at the time of termination will immediately be brought to zero and the Company's account closed. TAP will not have any payment obligations to Company with respect to any amounts accrued up to the date of termination.

2.6. Either party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement by  written notice given to the other party at thirty (30) days in advance of the date the termination is to become effective.


3.1. The CI code is the Program identification number attributed to the Company. This code will serve to identify the Company in all TAP reservations.

3.2. It is the responsibility of the Company registered in the Program to indicate its CI code whenever it acquires a trip with TAP, whether through a travel agency or directly with TAP.

3.3. For bookings made through the TAP website www.flytap.com, the CI code must be entered in the field available for this purpose: "Passenger Booking Data” area.

3.4. The CI code is strictly confidential, and can only be used by the Company or the travel agent acting on behalf of the Company. If the Company has knowledge of the misuse of this code by anyone, it must notify TAP immediately in writing.

3.5. TAP reserves the right to invalidate the CI code with immediate effect, due to misuse or in the event of any non-compliance by the Company as provided in Section 2.4.


4.1. When joining the program, the company will nominate one person to be responsible for the company’s account and the main contact with TAP Air Portugal in the daily management of company travel; this person will hereinafter be known as the 'Card Holder.' The respective e-mail contacts must be the same: that is, the company e-mail domain must be the same as the Card Holder’s e-mail domain.

4.2. At the time of joining, the Company provides the Representative’s personal data to TAP Air Portugal, guaranteeing that it obtained their consent for this purpose. The Company further guarantees that it has informed the Representative about the terms under which TAP Air Portugal will process the personal data, according to the terms described in clause 5.

4.3. The Representative assumes the functions of Group Administrator. When registering a Company, the name of the Group to which the Company belongs must be indicated, so that new Companies that are part of the same Business Group can always be associated. 

4.4. The Representative can create users at his/her same level ("Group Administrator") or at a lower level ("Company Administrator") in order to access the Group/ Company account. In such a situation, the Company guarantees that it has obtained the consent of the users to make their personal data available and has provided them with information pursuant to clause 5.

4.5. In an exceptional case and upon presentation of the Company's business register and a copy of the Company's card, the Company may send an email asking for the data relating to the Representative to be changed. 

4.6. The Company's Representative is responsible for notifying TAP Air Portugal in good time, by email, of any relevant changes, including the Company name. 

4.7. The Representative and other Group Administrators may, through their respective consent, receive communications about the Programme, promotions or the TAP Corporate newsletter.  They may object to such transmission at any time, as described in clause 5.4. 

4.8. The Representative and other Group Administrators shall register the Employees, who may accumulate a Corporate Balance in favour of the Company. When Employees are registered, the email domain must be the same as the Company domain.

4.9. The Representative is responsible for ensuring the consent of each of the Employees for the treatment by TAP Air Portugal of the respective personal data necessary for the implementation of the Programme, providing them with information pursuant to clause 5.

4.10. The Representative and other Administrators of the Group or Company, when contacting the TAP Corporate support line, will be asked to complete some validation fields for the purpose of updating data or creating new reservations for TAP tickets or services, whether these are the company’s CI (registration) code, the Representative’s Name, the email of the Representative, or the Company's NIF (Tax ID No.).


5.1. The membership and use of the Programme imply the availability of personal data of the Company Representative and Employees - identification data, contact data, and data related to travel purchased.

5.2.  TAP Air Portugal will keep the personal data as long as the Company's membership of the Programme is maintained.

5.3. In accordance with the applicable legislation, the data subject may request access to personal data concerning him/her at any time, as well as its rectification, deletion or limitation of its processing, the portability of that data, or objection to its processing, by contacting the TAP Corporate support line. For the security of the data subject, the change of some personal data implies the transmission of proof of identification.

5.4. Through the abovementioned channel, the data subject can withdraw his/her consent for the processing of the data, which does not, however, invalidate the processing by TAP Air Portugal until then, based on the consent previously provided. Subject to any other administrative or judicial remedy, the data subject shall be entitled to lodge a complaint with the relevant control authority in accordance with the law if he/she considers that the processing of his/her data is not being carried out in a legitimate manner, under the terms mentioned above.

5.5. For more information on the terms of data processing by TAP Air Portugal, the data subject should consult our Privacy Policy. He/she can also contact the Data Protection Officer at [email protected].


6.1. The accumulation of the company’s balance in the company account is valid for flights operated by the TAP Group and for tickets issued with a TAP plate (047).

6.2. To be eligible to accrue the Company must always utilize the CI code (Company Identification Code) regardless of the channel it uses to purchase tickets: Travel Agencies, TAP Ticket Counters, TAP Contact Center or TAP website www.flytap.com.

6.3. Accrual can only be earned on tickets purchased as of the effective date of joining the Program and it is restricted to employees with an employment relationship with the company.

6.4. The balance will be credited to the company account the day after the flight has taken place.

6.5. Employees eligible for balance accrual must be registered in the personal area, in "registered employees". Employee e-mail addresses must share the company’s e-mail domain.

6.6. The following are not considered valid for accrual: 

6.6.1. Award tickets and miles upgrades obtained through the TAP Miles&Go Program (Booking Class ‘X’ and ‘I’); 
6.6.2. Tickets issued for charter flights or codeshare flights (not operated by TAP Group aircraft);      bus,   train and ship services; 
6.6.3. Discounted Tickets, ID/AD/TC/DG 
6.6.4. Tickets part of group reservations (Booking Class ‘G’); 
6.6.5. Complimentary tickets, either completely free of charge or with partial fare discount;
6.6.6. Plusgrade and upgrades at the airport and on board;
6.6.7. Tickets for children or babies; 6.6.8. Tickets fully purchased with balance; 6.6.9. Tickets partially purchased with balance, the amount paid with balance will not be considered valid for earning purposes; 6.6.10. Tickets of passengers who break the country’s immigration rules (e.g. Deportees, travelers without visas, etc.).  

6.7. TAP Air Portugal reserves the right to audit the information registered by the company in the personal area, in "registered employees" and the respective balance accrual made by the company.

6.8. The accrual is calculated based on the total amount paid, fare and airline surcharge (YQ), and it varies according to the TAP Fare purchased: Top Executive, Executive, Plus, Classic, Basic or Discount. Airport taxes and TAP services acquired are excluded from accrual.

 Class Fare  TAP Corporate 
Business  Top Executive  4%
executive  3%
 Economy Plus  4%
Classic  3%
Basic  2%
Discount  0%


7.1. The cash accrual corresponds to the local currency unit (except in the case of Angola, where the balance will be shown in euros).

7.2. The cash balance d is valid for two (2) years after credited.  

7.3. The Company cannot extend the validity of the cash balance. 

7.4. The cash balance cannot be converted directly into cash. 

7.5. The management of the cash balance is the sole responsibility of the Company participating in the Program.

7.6. A Company can claim an uncredited accrual, by logging into Company account at www.tapcorporate.com and using the “Claim Balance” feature, and completing all required fields.

7.6.1 It can take up to three weeks for credit to be reclaimed using the “Reclaim Balance” feature.

7.7. “Claim Credit” requests will only be accepted for tickets flown up to 6 (six) months from the date the “Claim Credit” form is filled in or the request is sent via our Corporate Support Service. It only applies to employees who are registered in the personal area under “registered employees”. The employees' email domain must be the same as the company's email domain.  


8.1. The cash balance can be used by logging into the Company account on www.tapcorporate.com.

8.2. The accumulated balance can be used in whole or in part (minimum of €10) in future trips with TAP Air Portugal (flights operated by the TAP Group) or other TAP products available at the time of purchase (e.g. "Extra Luggage", "Fast Track", "Lounge Access", or others).

8.3. The ticket rules that apply (change fees, refunds, penalties, etc.) are those which correspond   to the fare/product in effect on date of purchase.  

8.4. The available balance can be used as a form of payment on any TAP Air Portugal and TAP Express service.

8.5. Refunds will be made according to the fare conditions.

8.6. When tickets and/or services are purchased using the account balance, in the event of a refund the account balance will be restored to its initial value.


9.1. TAP may at any time introduce t special promotions as part of the Program.

9.2. The conditions and validity of these promotions can be communicate through:

9.2.1 The Program website: www.tapcorporate.com;
9.2.2 Other TAP communication channels; 
9.2.3 Communication channels external to TAP.