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Nantes is a bastion in the historical region of Brittany and owes its name to a Gallic tribe from the Roman period. Today it is considered one of the most liveable European cities. Book a flight and...

Experience history
Visiting Nantes means going through the medieval streets of Bouffay, in the old city, and enjoying the Château des Ducs — the old residence of the French monarchy in the region. The Saint-Pierre Cathedral is a Gothic masterpiece and on top of the LU Tower (former cookie factory) the panoramic view holds surprises...

Take a stroll around
In Nantes, walking, bicycles and public transportation will take you everywhere. For example, a ride to Île de Versailles for seeing the great mechanical elephant on the move. Or to the commercial galleries of Passage Pommeraye, a dazzling building from the 19th century.

Culture and Business

On a business trip, knowing the culture and customs of the country you are visiting can have a big impact on the success of your business.

Before leaving

Make sure you have your citizen’s card or passport and boarding pass with you. Depending on your country of origin, arrange your visa or other required documentation well in advance.


France has a temperate climate with 4 types of climate: oceanic, continental, Mediterranean and mountainous. In Paris, the average temperature in summer is 20ºC and in the winter 5ºC.

Time zone

GMT + 1

Geography and Politics

France is located in Western Europe and is a member of the European Union. It is a semi-presidential democratic republic.

Tips and Payment

Most businesses accept credit cards, but it is always useful to have cash with you. France is part of the Eurozone, so the currency used will be the Euro (EUR). It is not customary to leave a tip since the bill in restaurants already contains a service charge.

Language and expressions to memorize

French is the official language. In French, "Bonjour" = hi; "S'il vous plaît" = please; "Merci beaucoup" = thank you very much.

What to do

Learn a few phrases in French. The French are very proud of their culture and like it when those who visit their country make an effort to learn their language.

What not to do

Do not talk to someone using “tu" if the correct form is "vous". Depending on how well you know someone and the context in which you are, always use "vous" as a sign of respect, if in doubt. Use “tu" with friends or family.

What to wear

Fashion and looks are seen as very important and help to make a first impression. Dress in a formal style that is neat and sophisticated. The accessories also count - as well as the shoes, which must be up to par!

First contact

When meeting someone for the first time in a business context, greet him or her with a handshake. It is considered normal to give two kisses on the face to friends or in social situations, except between men.