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Embrace Manaus

From November 4, travel to Manaus with 3 weekly flights.

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Portugal Stopover - Discover 2 destinations for the price of 1

Embrace Florianópolis

From September 3, travel to Florianópolis with 3 weekly direct flights via Lisbon.

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Program Benefits

COST REDUCTION Save with no fuss. Earn money every time you fly and make discounts on your next flights.
Promotions PROMOTIONS Access promotions that are really useful for your company.
TAP AIR PORTUGAL EXPERIENCE Get the best flight experience.
EASY MANAGEMENT Check all your company data: earned credit, trips made and employees, all in a single place.
ENJOY THE UNIQUE SERVICES Use your balance and have access to services that turn your flight even more comfortable.

TAP Corporate Destinations

In a business trip, knowing about the local culture and traditions can determine the success of your business. 
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