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  • How is the balance calculated?

    • The accumulation of the balance is calculated based on the value of the Fare and Airline surcharge (YQ). Each TAP product has an associated percentage.
      tap|discount 0%;
      tap|basic 2%;
      tap|classic 3%;
      tap|plus 4%;
      tap|executive 3%;
      tap|top executive 4%
  • By accumulating TAP Corporate balance, do I still accumulate TAP Miles&Go miles?

    • Yes, as long as your employee has the TAP Miles&Go Client Number associated with the reservation, the TAP Corporate program offers balance for your company and TAP Miles&Go miles for the passenger making the flight.
  • How long does it take for the TAP Corporate balance to be credited?

    • The TAP Corporate balance is credited based on what is actually flown. This will be credited to the company account in 72 hours after the flight has been made.
  • What is the minimum balance required to get discounts?

    • You can use your TAP Corporate balance as soon as you reach the minimum balance of 10 EUR / 40 BRL / 10 USD / 300 CZK / 3000 HUF / 10 CHF / 50 PLN / 700 RUB / 50 GBP / 100 NOK / 100 SEK / 80 DKK.
  • What’s the maximum value I can discount on?

    • You can deduct the total or partial value of the ticket and TAP Products (e.g.: Lounge, Fast Track, Luggage). If you use the balance for partial payment, the rest can be paid with the forms of payments available (Credit Card, ATM or PayPal).
  • Is there any limitation in using my balance (seats, schedule, equipment)?

    • The use of the balance is only available for TAP or TAP Express aircrafts, there is no limitation on the selection of seats and schedule.
  • How can I use the TAP Corporate balance?

    • The TAP Corporate balance can be used on flights, services and TAP products. You can deduct 50% of the total trip, as long as it reaches the minimum value of 10 EUR / 40 BRL / 10 USD / 300 CZK / 3000 HUF / 10 CHF / 50 PLN / 700 RUB / 50 GBP / 100 NOK / 100 SEK / 80 DKK. You can redeem the discount directly in your personal area (My Corporate), through the available booking engine or through the program’s service line.
  • I don't remember my password. Can I recover my login credentials?

    • Yes, you can. To recover your login credentials, you must select the option 'Recover Password' (which is next to your login form) and fill in the required fields:
      Registered User Name;
      Registered User Email.
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