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Earn balance when you purchase TAP flights for your company and employees.


Log in to your account and exchange your balance for a discount of up to €20 on the ticket price.


Continue to earn balance for upcoming trips. The more you earn, the more you can save!


Whenever you travel on TAP, part of the amount you spent is converted into balance. 
If you travel with the classic product you earn 2% of the amount spent. Classic or executive earns 3% and if you fly in plus or top executive you earn 4%.
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To benefit from the Corporate Promo discount, you only have to log in to your corporate tap account and exchange the balance for discounts from €5 on one-way flights to Europe and up to €20 on round-trip flights to intercontinental destinations. 

This discount varies depending on the origin and destination and is applied per passenger. Available only to companies that have an accumulated Balance.

Select the Corporate Promo discount during the booking and find out how much you can save on the next trip. The more you travel, the more you can save for your next trip with Corporate Promo.
  • Corporate Promo Terms and Conditions
    • 1. The Corporate Promo discount allows you to exchange your accumulated Corporate Balance for an immediate discount on your booking. The discount is available online at tapcorporate.com, in EUR and for TAP Corporate customers in Portugal, when you log in to make your booking;
      2. The Corporate Promo discount is applicable per passenger on one-way and return flights; 
      3. The Corporate Promo discount amount varies depending on the destinations selected, the type of flight and the number of passengers. The total discount ranges from €5 to €20 per passenger, depending on the origin and destination chosen.

      Portugal  Europe  Africa  North America      Central America  South America 
      Portugal  €5   €5  €  €7  €7   €7
      Europe   €5  -  €7   €10  €10   €10
       Africa   €5  €7  -   €10   €10  €10 
       North America  €  €10   €10   -  €0  €0
       Central America   €7  €7  €0   €0  €0
       South America   €7   €10   €10   €0  €0  -

      The figures in the table are for 1 passenger on a one-way flight.
      The amount off a return trip is double that shown in the table.

      Example: 1 passenger, Lisbon-Madrid-Lisbon, the discount is €10 in exchange for €2 of your Corporate Balance.

      4. Offer valid on flights operated by TAP and TAP Express except on flights:

      Ponte Aérea;
      Belo Horizonte - Lisbon (and vice-versa);
      Bologna - Lisbon (and vice-versa);
      Bucharest - Lisbon (and vice-versa);
      Düsseldorf - Lisbon (and vice-versa);
      Manchester - Lisbon (and vice-versa);
      Marseille - Lisbon (and vice-versa);
      Nice - Lisbon (and vice-versa);
      Porto Alegre - Lisbon (and vice-versa); 
      Warsaw - Lisbon (and vice-versa);
      Venice - Lisbon (and vice-versa).

      5. Offer only valid for bookings created on the site and for payment methods valid for these discounts. Please note that if the system returns the message "The Corporate Promo Balance cannot be used with this payment method. The price discount has been removed”, you have to re-select the discount and choose a valid payment method;
      6. The discount is applied per passenger and on the total price of the ticket (fare, surcharges and taxes). Other products or services acquired when making the booking are excluded from this discount (e.g. extra luggage, insurance, etc);
      7. The debit of the Corporate Balance for the total Corporate Promo discount is made to your Corporate account at the time you make the reservation;
      8. The Corporate Balance used to purchase the discount is not refundable;
      9. Offer valid for all TAP Corporate Customers with a positive balance (> = €1);
      10. This discount is not applicable on infant tickets;
      11. The discount is also blocked if you use other discounts when purchasing the reservation (e.g.: Conference Codes and Gift Vouchers).
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