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  • How do I earn Corporate balance?

    • Once your registration is complete, you will be assigned a company identification code (e.g. CI123: CI - programme ID; X - country ID; 123 - company code).
      It will be through the company identification code that we will account for the trips of your company.
      This procedure applies to bookings made directly with TAP or through your travel agency and acquired in the country where you are registered in the programme.
      From there, all tickets purchased and flown by your employees at TAP and TAP Express will be credited to your company account.
  • How is the balance calculated?

    • The accumulation of the balance is calculated based on the value of the Fare and Airline surcharge (YQ). Each TAP product and Status has an associated percentage.

      Status TAP Corporate:

      tap|discount 0%;
      tap|basic 2%;
      tap|classic 3%;
      tap|plus 4%;
      tap|executive 3%;
      tap|top executive 4%

      Status TAP Corporate Plus:

      tap|discount 0%;
      tap|basic 3%;
      tap|classic 4%;
      tap|plus 5%;
      tap|executive 4%;
      tap|top executive 5%
  • By accumulating TAP Corporate balance, do I still accumulate TAP Miles&Go miles?

    • Yes, as long as your employee has the TAP Miles&Go Client Number associated with the reservation, the TAP Corporate program offers balance for your company and TAP Miles&Go miles for the passenger making the flight.
  • How long does it take for the TAP Corporate balance to be credited?

    • The TAP Corporate balance is credited based on what is actually flown. This will be credited to the company account in 72 hours after the flight has been made.
  • What is the minimum balance required to get discounts?

    • You can use your TAP Corporate balance as soon as you reach the minimum balance of 10 EUR / 40 BRL / 10 USD / 300 CZK / 3000 HUF / 10 CHF / 50 PLN / 700 RUB / 50 GBP / 100 NOK / 100 SEK / 80 DKK.
  • What’s the maximum value I can discount on?

    • You can deduct up to 50% of the cost of the ticket and TAP Products (e.g.: Lounge, Fast Track, Luggage), the rest can be paid with the forms of payments available.
  • Is there any limitation in using my balance (seats, schedule, equipment)?

    • The use of the balance is only available for TAP or TAP Express aircrafts, there is no limitation on the selection of seats and schedule.
  • I don't remember my password. Can I recover my login credentials?

    • Yes, you can. To recover your login credentials, you must select the option 'Recover Password' (which is next to your login form) and fill in the required fields:
      Registered User Name;
      Registered User Email.
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