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TAP is a pioneer in supporting golf in Portugal

Recognising the popularity of golf, TAP started its pioneering support of the sport in Portugal over 30 years ago.

The company sponsors major national tournaments such as the Portuguese, Madeira and Algarve Opens, as well as other smaller competitions.

The TAP OPEN, launched in 1978, is an amateur tournament for TAP customers from the various destinations to which the company flies.

Over the years, thousands of golfers have made their way to Portugal to participate in this tournament, the largest amateur golf event in the country, attracting around 350 players every year.

In addition, TAP also organises a Victoria Golf Tour each year for the programme's customers, with the support of its partners. This tournament has seen considerable success, establishing itself as an essential tour for lovers of the sport.

Golf equipment 

Conditions for transporting golf equipment* per one way trip (flights operated by TAP partner airlines are excluded):

Domestic, Europe, Morocco & Algeria Intercontinental Flights
EUR 35 EUR 75

All the prices shown in this table are applied per bag with equipment up to 32kg. Sports equipment can be included in the free hold baggage as long as it is within the permitted weight limits and dimensions: 23 kg / 32 kg and 158 cm (height + length + width). To be paid in local currency according to the daily exchange rate.

* One item of golfing equipment is defined as 1 golf bag containing one set of golf clubs, golf balls and tees, and 1 pair of golf shoes. 

Note: The conditions and prices indicated are valid only on flights operated by TAP and PGA. Depending on your departure airport, a Ticket Service Charge may apply in addition to the fixed-rate charges mentioned above.

The transportation of the Golf Equipment may be requested directly with TAP or through your Travel Agency, by indicating its weight and dimensions.

There may be some restrictions regarding transport of carry-on baggage and/or some types of sporting equipment on some PGA aircraft.


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© Copyright TAP Portugal

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