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Now it’s even easier to enjoy the advantages of the tap|corporate fly Programme.

With the new features introduced in the Programme, now it's easier to accumulate Points and reduce costs.

With the Programme’s new features, it’s easier than ever to earn points and reduce costs. Recent changes in the Points Table allow you to earn points and reduce costs more easily.

Check out the examples below and discover how you can spend the points you earn:

Destination Product          Points Accumulated/ trip**
Points Accumulated/ Year How to Use
(5 trips per month)
tap|discount 200 12 000 8 award-tickets to the domestic sector or; 

4 upgrades to Azores and Madeira or; 

2 award-tickets to Spain/ North Africa or;

1 award-ticket to Europe 1* or; 

9 upgrades to Spain/ North Africa.
(3 trips per month)
tap|executive 784 28 300 14 award-tickets in executive class to the domestic sector or;

3 award-tickets in executive class to Europe 1* or; 

11 upgrades to Europe1*.
(4 trips per month)
tap|classic 364 17 472 11 award-tickets to the domestic sector or;

5 award-tickets to Azores and Madeira or; 

2 award-tickets to Europe 1* ou;   

7 upgrades to Europe 1* 

(flights with departure from Lisbon)

** Round Trip 

* Europe 1:

Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Switzerland


Your points will be added up by:

  • Linking the Victoria Customer Numbers of company employees to the corporate account, which means that the flyer’s individual Victoria passenger number will be entered on all bookings; 

  • By making sure the respective Company Identification Code (CIP) is entered whenever your flights are acquired, whether these are booked through your travel agency or directly with TAP Portugal at one of its service desks, through the Call Center or on the website. 

Contact TAP or your travel agent and make the most of your company’s business travel with the benefits that the tap|corporate fly Programme offers.

There is only one way to do good business. Fly with TAP.


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© Copyright TAP Portugal

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