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Association of Tourism Journalists recognises Executive Director of TAP

Luiz Mór receives the "Tourist Personality of the Year"award at the Lisbon Tourism Fair (BTL)

Luiz Mór, Executive Director of TAP, was presented with the “Tourist Personality of the Year” award by the Association of Portuguese Tourism Journalists, which is awarded every year to a body or individual specifically acclaimed for its actions to promote Portuguese tourism.
According to the association's President, Salvador Alves Dias, “the most recent news of the turnover in the hotel sector in Lisbon confirms this growth as does the importance of the Brazilian market which not only is still partly untapped but continues to have huge growth potential. In fact Brazil is positioning itself as the second market with the largest number of overnight hotel stays in the Lisbon area."
"With more than 1.4 million passengers carried on its airline routes from Brazil in 2010, which represents a 25% increase over the previous year and which was achieved with a sales base in Brazil, TAP has been a pioneer in opening up this market and in the promotion of Portugal as a destination".
"The important work undertaken by TAP in Brazil, via its sales, marketing and communications personnel has a face, namely Luiz Mór, who is responsible for these activities at TAP Portugal" said Salvador Alves Dias in way of justification behind today's award.
In the awards ceremony which took place yesterday at the BTL, Luiz Mór said he was receiving the award "with a huge amount of pride on behalf of all my colleagues working at TAP because they are the ones who are building the success of the company every day, and making their contributions to the growth of the tourism sector in Portugal."
Photo: Presentation of the award - Salvador Alves Dias and Luiz Mór.


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