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Terms & Conditions

1. General Conditions

1.1. tap|corporate fly is a Loyalty Programme aimed at small to medium-sized enterprises registering on the Programme’s site ('Company'). The registered Company’s staff members collect Corporate points whenever they issue tickets and travel with TAP Portugal (on flights operated by TAP and PGA).

1.2. Corporate points collecting in the Company’s account may be converted into award tickets ('Award Tickets') and upgrades with TAP Portugal.

1.3. Participation in the tap|corporate fly Programme is restricted to Companies. Travel Agencies, Operators, aggregators and award-lance ticket sellers and travel agents may not register on the tap|corporate fly Programme.

1.4. The tap|corporate fly Programme is available to all companies that do not have any commercial agreement with TAP.

Membership does not depend on a minimum volume of flights, but companies will only be accepted if they are registered in countries offering the tap|corporate fly Programme. TAP can request the Company's commercial registry certification at any time.

1.5. TAP Portugal reserves the right to accept or refuse the Company’s membership of the tap|corporate fly Programme, based on the information supplied in the registration form. The General Terms and Conditions given here set out the basic rules for participating in the tap|corporate fly Programme, and are subject to alteration.

2. Registration

2.1. The Company may register on the tap|corporate fly Programme using the Registration Form . After registering online, the Company automatically receives e-mail confirmation of the registration data at the e-mail address of the Company’s Representative as supplied at the time of registration. 

Registration implies prior acceptance of the Programme's Terms and Conditions as in force on the date of that registration.

2.2. Companies may contact the tap|corporate fly Programme’s dedicated Call Centre at 707 200 221, Monday through Friday, between 9 am and 6 pm. You may also contact us by e-mail at

3. Representative

3.1. At the time of registration, the Company appoints a person responsible for the management of the Company’s account who will be the point of contact with TAP Portugal for day-to-day handling of the company's bookings. The Representative takes on the role of Group Administrator, which involves specifying the name of the Group the Company belongs to at the time of registration, so that thereafter, new Companies that are, or come to be, part of the same corporate Group may join it.

3.2. The Representative can create users of equal level (Group Administrator) or of the level below (Company Administrator), who will have access to the Group’s or Company’s Account.

3.3. In exceptional circumstances, the Company may request alteration of the Group account manager’s details by e-mail, upon assessment by the “tap|corporate fly” Programme Management.

3.4. The Company Representative is responsible for notifying TAP Portugal via e-mail in good time in the following circumstances: - Alteration of the Company’s Name - Alteration of the supplier travel agency.

3.5. TAP reserves the right to request proof of employment from the Representative of the Company for those qualified to earn Corporate points through the tap|corporate fly Programme.

4. Accumulation of “Corporate” Points

4.1. Corporate points are collected on flights operated by TAP Portugal and PGA, only for tickets issued within the TAP framework. For companies registered in the Portuguese Corporate Programme, tickets qualifying for points are those issued in Portugal.

4.2. Bookings of flights at public fares may be made by the company in the usual ways, through the travel agency or directly with TAP Portugal: at the service desks, « or on the site. 

Should bookings be made via your Travel Agency, or one of TAP’s ticketing offices (call center included), Corporate Client must always request booking agent to register the company’s CIP code.

For bookings made via site, the company's CIP code must be entered each time, in the field designated for the purpose: Passenger Booking Data.

Bookings of AwardTickets can be made directly through the website with the new IBE Corporate Redemption booking engine. To do this, simply log in as a TAP Fly Corporate Program member and select the corresponding option.

4.3. Corporate points may only be collected on tickets issued after the Corporate Programme registration date.

4.4. The number of Corporate points is calculated based on the number of miles between the flight's origin and destination airports. These distances are based on the place of origin and destination declared on the passenger’s ticket in accordance with IATA standards. A fixed number of Corporate points will be allocated, irrespective of real distance, for previously defined domestic and short-haul international flights, equating to a fifth of the value normally allocated in miles to Victoria customers.

4.5. Depending which TAP product has been purchased: tap|executive, tap|plus, tap|classic, tap|basic or tap|discount, different weighting criteria are also applied.

4.6. To find out more about the Corporate points available for accumulation, the Company can use the 'Points Calculator' or 'Weighting Table' available on the site, under the submenu 'tap|corporate fly', 'How to Collect Points'.

5. Crediting of Corporate points

5.1. Corporate points are credited based on what was effectively flown. Corporate points will be credited to the Company’s account between 24 and 72 hours after the flight. TAP Portugal reserves the right to amend the frequency with which Corporate points are credited.

5.2. If there is a difference between the quantity of journeys made by the Company and that shown by tap|corporate fly, TAP Portugal reserves the right to request proof of travel, including flight receipts and original boarding passes in order to credit the journeys made, in exceptional circumstances and by means of the proof mentioned above. The Company must notify TAP Portugal in writing of any divergence or irregularity in Corporate points credit within a maximum period of 6 months from the original travel date.

6. Collection Method

6.1. Collection Method refers to the way in which the Company is identified for the purposes of collecting Corporate points. The options available to Corporate clients are: the CIP code register andthat of the company collaborator’s Victoria numbers.

6.2. CIP – Company Identification Code

6.2.1. The Company must always supply the CIP Code each time a ticket with TAP is acquired. This procedure applies for bookings and tickets accomplished via Travel Agency, or directly through with TAP .

6.3. Victoria Card

6.3.1. The Company must register the Victoria customer numbers of its staff members. The Company will collect points for the journey, while its staff member will collect miles in his or her personal Victoria Programme account. To ensure the journey registers, the travelling passengers’ Victoria numbers must be provided at the time of booking, as previously registered in the Company account.

6.3.2. The participating Company must keep the Victoria card number(s) associated to the Company account online updated. Use of unregistered or invalid Victoria customer numbers will rule out the possibility of collecting points, and collection later is similarly impossible.

6.3.3 – The identification of the Company collaborator’s Victoria Card Numbers will be considered active on the following day of its registration.

6.3.4 – It is not possible to associate the same Victoria Card Number to more than one Corporate Account. 

7. Use of Points

7.1. Corporate points are valid for use 24 months from the date they were collected. Expiry of Corporate points is counted from the date of registration on the programme.

7.2. Corporate points may not be converted into money. Points may be converted into Award Tickets or Upgrades.

7.3. Cumulative combinations of awards is not permitted. For example: Tickets issued with a combination of tap|corporate fly, Corporate points and Victoria Programme miles.

7.4. Award Tickets

7.4.1. Award bookings can be made directly on the website using the new IBE Corporate Redemption booking engine. Simply login as a member of the tap|corporate fly Programme and select the flight options that correspond to the booking you wish to make (one-way, return ticket, itinerary, dates, number of passengers).

7.4.2. For Award Ticket bookings made via the IBE Corporate Redemption booking engine, two methods of payment are accepted: Credit card—Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Airplus—for immediate debit and ticket issue, and Multibanco (ATM)—available online for bookings made at least 5 days before the flight departure date. For payments made via Multibanco, you will be shown a confirmation page once you make your booking, which contains your booking details and the information required to make the Multibanco payment: your TAP reference number, payment reference number and the total amount due. This information will also be sent to the e-mail address provided during the booking process. Reference numbers must be filled out at the Multibanco terminal by choosing the 'Payment of Services' option, or via Homebanking* and selecting the “Payment of Purchase” option. You will have until 11:59 p.m. of the day after your booking date to make the payment. If the payment is not made within this time period, the booking will be cancelled automatically. Payments via Multibanco (ATM) can only be made with cards issued in Portugal for use at Multibanco terminals in Portugal. *(Please note that some banks do not offer the 'Payment of Purchases' option via Homebanking. In such cases, or if you have problems completing your payment, please contact TAP.) 

7.4.3. Once you have completed your booking using the IBE Corporate Redemption booking engine, TAP Portugal will send an e-mail with details of the booking, the corresponding code and the electronic ticket(s).

7.4.4. Anyone designated by the participating Company's Representative can use the awards. Use of the awards is not limited to the Company’s staff.

7.4.5. Award Tickets are issued in the form of an electronic ticket.

7.4.6. Airport, security and fuel taxes are added to Award Tickets, as well as a EUR 25 service tax, paid by credit card. Award Ticket bookings made through the IBE Corporate Redemption engine are not subject to payment of this service tax.

7.4.7. Once the ticket has been issued, changes to date, time and flight number will be allowed, subject to space availability and payment of a €30 penalty. 

7.4.8. A €60 fee is charged for restoring Points after an issued ticket is cancelled.

7.4.9. Expired or unused Award Tickets will not be replaced or credited back to the Company account, nor will points used on those tickets be restored automatically, but only through payment of the €60 fee mentioned in point 7.4.7.

7.4.10. Award Tickets are issued by TAP Portugal and are valid for flights operated by TAP Portugal and PGA (TAP and PGA aircraft).

7.4.11. The points tables apply to return journeys. For independent one-way tickets, 50% of the Corporate points specified in the table is chargeable.

7.4.12. A maximum of four segments are allowed for return flights and a maximum of two segments for a one-way only flight. Flying more than once to the same destination is not permitted under any circumstances.

7.4.13 One transfer in each direction is allowed.

7.4.14. Open Jaw (return to a different destination from the origin) is permitted. If the return destination is not equal to that of the outward flight, the value of 50% of the Corporate points value is applied.

7.4.15. These tickets are also applicable to children between the age of 2 and 11 (50% of the price of an Adult Corporate points Award Ticket applies).

7.4.16. Award Tickets are valid for one  year after issue and may not be transferred, replaced or deferred.

7.4.17. Stopovers are not permitted.

7.4.18. Seat availability for Award Tickets varies according to the selected destination and time of year. The number of seats is limited even on flights which are not fully booked.

7.5. Upgrades

7.5.1. Requests for upgrades may be made a minimum of 3 working days before the departure date.

7.5.2. Upgrades may be amended and a €50 fee will apply.

7.5.3. Upgrades are reissued as an electronic ticket.

7.5.4. Upgrades are exclusively valid for flights operated by TAP Portugal and PGA (TAP and PGA aircraft).

7.5.5. Upgrades from Corporate points may not be linked to other awards.

7.5.6. Corporate points indicated in the table are exclusively valid for one-way travel and charged by segment; for example: Funchal – Lisbon: 800 points + Lisbon – Rio de Janeiro: 10 000 points).

7.5.7. Upgrades are valid for bookings made in Economy class only on tap|plus and tap|classic products.

7.5.8. Upgrades can only be made on issued bookings.

7.5.9. All the conditions applicable to the original ticket remain in force.

7.5.10. The Corporate Points values given in the tables apply to tickets for children and adults alike.

7.5.11. Only the original ticket is valid for collecting Corporate points.

7.5.12. Seat availability varies according to the selected destination and time of year. The number of seats is limited even on flights which are not fully booked.

8. Promotions

8.1. TAP Portugal may hold special promotions as part of tap|corporate fly at any time. The promotion's conditions and duration will be made known through the Corporate site, through other TAP communication channels, or even through channels outside the company, whether through partners of the Programme or the company or non-partners.

9. Agreement Closure

9.1. Either party may rescind the contractual relationship through written communication.

9.2. Any Corporate points collected by the Company must be used within 90 days of withdrawal from the scheme.

9.3. TAP Portugal reserves the right to suspend participation of a given Company, effective immediately, in the following circumstances:

9.3.1. Failure to respect the Terms and Conditions of the tap|corporate fly Programme;

9.3.2. Abuse of the tap|corporate fly Programme privileges;

9.3.3. Supplying false information to TAP Portugal;

9.3.4. Accumulation of no Corporate points over a consecutive 24-month period;

9.3.5. Accumulation of Corporate points by passengers without binding employment in the Company.

9.4. If TAP Portugal exercises its right to suspend due to one of the situations described above, the Corporate points will be declared void immediately, and the Company account cancelled.

10. Internet Services

10.1. The current site’s information and processes may be amended by TAP at any time, whenever this is deemed necessary to improve the services and processes therein.


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© Copyright TAP Portugal

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