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The lounge should be a place where you can rest or prepare for a business meeting, in complete comfort and convenience, while you wait for your flight.

The TAP Premium Lounge is the TAP lounge in Lisbon, a space known for its innovation, elegance, comfort and refinement. There, you will find personalised service, excellent catering, Internet access, international reading material and so much more that we have to offer you.

The Blue Lounge at Lisbon Airport will receive all passangers on domestic flights.

The lounges listed below are at disposal to all customers with tap|corporate cards, on flights operated by TAP.


City Lounge name Terminal
Acra Adinkra Lounge Partidas Internacionais
Amsterdão Servisair Terminal 1
Argel Salon First Class Terminal 1
Barcelona AENA Lounge - Sala Pau Casais Terminal 1
Berlim GlobeGround lounge Terminal A
Bologna Marconi Business Lounge Terminal do Aeroporto
Bordéus Salon des Vignobles Terminal A, junto à Porta de Embarque 1/2, ao lado do Duty Free Shop.
Bruxelas Iberia Lounge
SAS Business Lounge
Bucareste Airport Lounge Terminal do Aeroporto
Budapeste Malév Lounge     SkyCourt Terminal    
Caracas Admirals Club Lounge Terminal Internacional
Casablanca Sale de Convive Terminal do Aeroporto
Copenhague Novia

SAS Lounge
Terminal 2

Terminal 3
Dakar Prestige Group Terminal do Aeroporto
Estocolmo Menzies
SAS Lounge
Terminal 5 
Faro Lounge Area Piso Térreo, Sala de Embarque, em frente ao controlo de passaporte
Funchal TAP Premium Lounge Terminal do Aeroporto
Genebra Horizon Terminal Principal
Guiné Bissau Airport Lounge Terminal do Aeroporto
Helsínquia SAS Lounge Terminal 2 (*)
Horta SATA Plus Terminal 1
Lisboa TAP Premium Lounge

Blue Lounge

Terminal 1

Terminal 1
(domestic flights)

Londres - Gatwick
No.1 Traveller
Terminal Sul (South Terminal)
Londres - Heathrow Plaza Premium Lounge Terminal 2 A ** as from 22OCT.
Luanda Sala Welwicha TAAG Terminal Internacional
Luxemburgo Luxair Luxair
Madrid Sala Puerta del Sol (Aena)
Sala Puerta de Alcalá (Aena)
Terminal 1/2
Terminal 2
Málaga Sala VIP (Aena) Terminal 3
Manchester The Escape Lounge Terminal 1, piso do Premium Lounge
Maputo LAM Terminal 1
Marselha Salon Luberon Terminal do Aeroporto, Hall 3
Marraquexe Sala de Convive Terminal do Aeroporto
Miami Club America Edifício do Terminal
Milão - Malpensa
Milão - Linate
Linate Welcome Lounge
Terminal 1
Terminal do Aeroporto
Moscovo EastLine Terminal Internacional
Nova Iorque - Newark UA Lounge
SAS Business Lounge    
Terminal A
Terminal B3
Nice Salon Club Schengen Terminal 1
Oslo SAS Business Lounge Terminal Internacional
Paris - Orly

VIP Lounge Terminal West
Ponta Delgada SATA Plus Terminal 1

Porto ANA Lounge Terminal do Aeroporto

Menzies Aviation Lounge
Terminal S2 /S1
Recife Proair Lounge Airport Terminal 1st floor
Rio de Janeiro Smile Terminal 2
Roma VIP Room - " Avia Lounge" Terminal 3, Gate Area - D -, 2nd floor
S. Paulo *new* Star Alliance Lounge Terminal 3. Mezzanine level, above Duty Free area, after immigration control. 
Sal Sala Executiva da ASA Terminal do Aeroporto
Tangier ONDA Airport Terminal
Terceira SATA Plus Terminal do Aeroporto
Toulouse Salon La Croix du Sud
Terminal do Aeroporto
Valência  Sala Joan Olivert (Aena) Terminal do Aeroporto
Varsóvia LOT Business Lounge Polonez Terminal A
Veneza Marco Polo Terminal do Aeroporto
Viena Austrian Business Lounge Central Area

Footnote:  (*) open's at 06:00    




TAP Premium Lounge


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© Copyright TAP Portugal

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