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Points collection methods

Victoria Customer Identification

Enter your employees' Victoria Customer number(s) when you make the reservation or during check-in, and you will collect Corporate Points as long as the number is registered on the Corporate website.

The use of Victoria Customer numbers which are or invalid or not registered to your company's account will result in no Corporate Points being awarded.

These may not be credited to your account at a later date.

Bookings may be made by the company in the usual ways, through the travel agency or directly with TAP Portugal: at the service desks, through the Bookings Call Centre (707 205 700) or on the site.

Should bookings be made through the site, the company's CIP code must be entered each time, in the field designated for the purpose: Passenger Booking Data. In this case, the PIN code is compulsory, irrespective of the payment method chosen for the tap|corporate fly Programme (credit card or Victoria Member).


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