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How it works

tap|corporate fly is a loyalty programme targeted at small and medium-sized companies, awarding points every time they fly with TAP.

The more you fly TAP, the more Corporate Points you collect!

This program offers the largest rewards to the companies who fly the most, converting these journeys into points. These points are managed by your company and can be exchanged for Award Tickets or upgrades!

Start by registering your company using the application form, and entering the contact details of a company representative. After you have completed the registration process, you will be allocated a company identification code – CIP (e.g. CIP123).

Please take note of your CIP Code, as it will be used to track your company travel’s. Whenever you acquire your ticket(s) with TAP, you will be requested to present it. This procedure applies for bookings and tickets accomplished via your Travel Agency, or directly through one of TAP ticketing offices (Call Center included). Afterwards, and if it applies, you may also register your company collaborator’s Victoria frequent Flyer number.

From then on, all tickets purchased and used by your employees on TAP Portugal (TAP and PGA aircraft) will be credited to your corporate account. Bookings of flights at public fares may be made by the company in the usual ways, through the travel agency or directly with TAP Portugal: at the service desks, through the Bookings Call Centre (707 205 700) or on the site.

For bookings made via, the company's CIP code must be entered each time, in the field designated for the purpose: Passenger Booking Data.

Bookings of Award Tickets can be made directly through the website with the new IBE Corporate Redemption booking engine. To do this, simply log in as a TAP Fly Corporate Programme member and select the corresponding option.


Cost Reduction

  • The Corporate Points your company collects can be converted at a later date into Award Tickets and upgrades. 


Online Management


  • Check your points statement; 
  • Manage/change your company’s collaborators Victoria Frequent Flyer number Enrol new users; 
  • Manage/change your company profile; 
  • Request Award Tickets; 
  • Request upgrades; 
  • Book and issue Award Tickets and the respective flight receipts. 



All this is available 24 hours a day, with access that is convenient and secure.


© Copyright TAP Portugal

© Copyright TAP Portugal

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